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Hi I'm Arya ZIai

Social Media Expert

Web Designer

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I am a social media expert and

part-time web designer. I help my customers Expand their online presence and increase user-interaction. My social media expertise and strategies will help your brand receive greater exposure.

Social media is not a passing fad.

Be where your customers are.

What I Can Do For You

  • Conceptualize

  • Brainstorm

  • Execute

  • Refine

  • Finalize

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What Others Say

  • Pascal Giroux
    Pascal GirouxGraphic Designer

    "Arya did a really nice job helping me get more visibility on my social-networking sites. He used clever techniques to target my audience and  create a closer connection with my followers by explaining the types of content I should post"

  • Martin Audesse
    Martin AudesseWeb Developer

    "Arya and I worked on a major Wordpress project together. We were able to work very efficiently and finished our client's website in record time. It was great to work with someone who had a lot of experience with the Wordpress platform"

Recent Projects - FitnessMC is steadily growing to become one of the most trustworthy sources for exercise, weight-loss, and diet articles on the web. The website was originally established two years ago under a different name, and acquired the domain in 2014.
The website currently serves to over hundreds of people each day as a media outlet for fitness. is also very active in social media; including a successful Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest & Instagram page with over 15,000 followers. The social media profiles serve as a perfect tool to drive more traffic to the the site's articles. - The inspiration behind Postmemes came from my fascination with simple web designs, infinite scrolling, and funny images. Since it's launch, the site has steadily grown in popularity with roughly 50-80 new posts each day. I added the Postmemes video feature using a different database to handle the increasing number of visitors. Despite using different templates, I successfully designed identical layouts using CSS.
Two of the most successful tools I've used to increase traffic have been the Instagram and Facebook Fanpage. Both networks share over thousands of active followers that regularly check Image and Video submissions are available to both registered and non-registered users. Afterwards, submissions are reviewed by myself and several team members

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